Triathlon 1

Have You Tried Triathlon Yet?

- 9 January 2013. Looking for a great way to get in shape, meet interesting people and honour those New Year’s resolutions?  Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport that consists of swimming, biking and r...
Disinterested Dog

What are Organic Foods and Do I Care? (Part 1)

  How to tell if something is Organic and, perhaps more importantly, if you care? Today, it seems the world can be divided into two groups of people: those who have jumped on the Organic Bandwagon an...
Nutrition Dropping in Quality

Anyone Know Where the Good Food Went?

* Warning: This article may make you second-guess what's in your local supermarket. Much of the food available today doesn’t have the nutritional value it could have. Under pressure from large scale reta...

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Why understanding the difference makes all the difference. For many of us, our mood for the day is directly linked to the reading on the scale we stand on each morning. Take heart, the next weight reading ma...
Girl with Glass of Water

What’s the Deal with Water? (Part 3)

Welcome to our third edition in our Water Feature (again, what Pun?) We have discussed why we need to drink water, now we are going to look at different types of water and how much we need to drink. Typ...
Water Calm

What’s the Deal with Water? (Part 2)

Join us as we dive into our second instalment on what makes drinking water vital to optimal health. We discussed in the last article how drinking water is vital for a healthy body.  In the next two posts we ar...

What’s the Deal with Water? (Part 1)

Join us as we dive into what makes drinking water so vital to optimal health (What Pun?) Water is part of our lives. It’s everywhere we look. I guess that’s why we take it for granted, until we are thirsty ...

Smoothie Bliss

  You know how you’re never sure what to put in a smoothie? Well, not anymore. A good smoothie not only tastes great and is easy to drink – it is jam-packed with nutritious goodness, provided they co...
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What’s Happening to Our Food?

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