These 20 parenting memes below will make you laugh so hard, you might not even mind the mess your kids are currently making!

  1. Warning: Stepping on a Lego might cause sudden death.
    2. If you have the chance to wear a sparkly gold track suit, you better flaunt it.

    3. The stench alone will kill your sense of smell.

    4. It’s as if they took a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory:

    5. I’m not sure that this follows child seatbelt laws:

    6. Finding out that their parent has a birthday, too, is equally as confusing.

    7. Outfit of the day:

    8. Regina George or an angry toddler? Not sure which one is worse.

    9. *Quickly deletes post and runs away*

    10. When bath time is like stepping outside and into a hurricane:

    11. It’s a good upper body workout.

    12. Oh no she didn’t!

    13. For those days you just can’t seem to make any progress with the cleaning:

    14. Not even the bathroom is safe from the little ones.

    15. Should have also saved that childbirth hospital bill:

    16. Helping your child with their homework is really a full-time job:

    17. Either you tell them the chocolate is “too spicy” or you employ this ritual:

    18.During, always during no matter how you try and time it:

    19. We had no idea how good we had it before kids:

    20. And finally, maybe we should call in the bomb squad:

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