Hi –  I’m Christopher,

After many years living on Fast Food and the inevitable health crash that followed,

I discovered natural health.  As a former fast-food addict turned health junkie, I started Organic Health as a way to share simple ways to live a healthy life, and thanks to some amazing health experts, writers and community members, it’s only grown from there.

This website was created to share simple ways to live a healthy life, offering guidance to those starting out.

A while back I was lucky enough to unplug from the world and live on a small holding where we had Organic fruits and vegetables, clean mountain water and solar power.

Unfortunately, in today’s modern world, this living arrangement is rare and not a lot of people are able to experience it.

Organic Health was created to share these simple ways to live a healthy life.


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This place exists so more people can experience the benefits of natural health – an area producing remarkable discoveries – as people around the world realise that prevention is the cure.

Feel free to look around and thank you for stopping by!



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