We all know how tough it can be making a decision. 

Especially when we just aren’t sure which is the best option to choose. 

In this video, best-selling author, Eckhart Tolle, provides some guidance on how to make a decision that will lead to the highest outcome. 

Some other great guidance for making a decision can be found in the Neale Donald Walsh books, where the following tips are given:

1. Love or Fear? 

When looking at your decision, with each option ask yourself do you feel like you’re coming from a place of love or fear? 

Motivation Matters.

For example, you’re deciding whether or not to pursue a business opportunity.

When you consider choosing this option, ask yourself does it feel like you’re doing it out of love or fear? Are you doing it because it feels right on every level and you just know it’s what you would love to do and a service you’d enjoy providing (love motivation) or only for the money or status (lack/fear motivation)? 

2. Giving or Gathering? 

Another way to test your sponsoring thought or motivation is to ask: “Does it feel like you’re giving or gathering?”

In choosing option A? Does it feel like you’re giving or gathering?  In choosing option B, does it feel like you’re giving or gathering? 

The Heart  (Love-guided) choice tends to make you feel like you’re “giving” whenever you think about it and whenever you do it. Even if you feel nervous or excited, ultimately you feel good about the choice and yourself, 

The Ego (Fear-based) choice tends to make you feel like you’re “selfishly gathering”, simply because the ego operates from the false mindset of “I am not enough”, and therefore is driven by the false idea that you need to gather external things outside of your self, in order to feel “worthy” or “good enough”. This choice tends to make you feel like something’s off or not 100%. 

The Heart knows you were born worthy, that you are already enough and that worthiness and significance is who you are and therefore whatever you do, is an opportunity to express that or even better cause others to experience that for themselves. 

3. Expanding or Contracting?

For people who need to move to think, the expanding/contracting technique might help.

Simply take 3 deep breaths, inhale and exhale, slow and deep. 

Then place your hand and attention on your heart. 

Now, again with a decision consisting of option A and option B, ask your body to give you a response to option A, does your body feel like it’s expanding (i.e. deeper breathing, upright relaxed posture, expanded awareness) or does it feel like it’s contracting (shortness of breath, contracted tight chest, slumped posture and closing-down of awareness)? 

Do the same for option B to test your body’s response. 

Generally, the body provides a good indication by expanding (love) or contracting (fear), depending on whether we feel a choice will lead to a constructive (heart) or destructive (ego) outcome. 

Hope these tips help with your decision-making going forward. 


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