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ScienceScience has discovered a way to naturally give your body what it needs to improve health, increase focus, stabilise energy levels, shed fat and naturally tone and shape your body to leave you feeling great.*

The Science of Glycobiology

Healthcare professionals from all over the world have discovered the health benefits of Glyconutrients in supporting the body’s normal recovery, repair and health functions.

The effects of glyconutrient-based products may take slightly longer, however, unlike many other short-cut solutions, the results are long-lasting.*

How do Glyconutrients Work?

In very simple terms, our body is essentially made up of around 90 trillion cells all tightly clumped together.

Cells are the building blocks which make up the body. If the body were a sculpture, the cells would be the clay. Cells make up our skin, our heart, our lungs and all the systems found in our body. Put simply, when our cells are healthy, our body is healthy.

How do we help the body’s cells attain optimal wellness?

GlyconutrientsRecently, scientists were able to identify a new category of nutrition which benefits the body’s cells, impacting overall health and wellness.

It is completely natural, being plant-based and can be safely consumed in large quantities by both adults and children.* 

Called Glyconutrients; there are at least 8 Glyconutrients that our body requires to be healthy.

These Glyconutrients are the core building blocks that allow our cells to communicate clearly with each other and bolster immune system response, tissue regeneration, cell replication, growth, structural stability and are even responsible for the attraction of healthy sperm’s cells to an egg cell’s surface to foster pregnancy.*

Importantly, it must be stated that the discovery of Glyconutrients does not constitute a miracle-cure or a panacea for every illness, chronic condition or disease. In the interests of accuracy, Glyconutrients provide the body with the vital ingredients needed to promote cell-to-cell communication; optimising the body’s chances of healing itself.

Since our bodies do not produce these Glyconutrients in adequate quantities, we must get them from our diet. It is here, with our modern diets of nutrient-depleted and genetically modified foods, that we run into trouble. When a cell doesn’t receive the necessary nutrition it needs, it cannot produce energy and it loses its function or put simply; when a cell receives poor quality fuel, it performs poorly.

Our body is made of cells, when those cells don’t receive the Glyconutrients they need, it’s a bit like asking a car to run without oil.

Research has shown how vital Glyconutrients are for human health, the problem is only two; Glucose and Galactose are readily available in our modern diets.

Interestingly, studies have shown 5 of the 8 Glyconutrients are provided in a mother’s breast milk.+

 Global Research on Glyconutrients Oxford University Glycobiology Institute Photo: Oxford University Glycobiology Institute.

Countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States are now researching Glyconutrients and their clinical application.

Oxford University has created its own Glycobiology Institute for the sole purpose of exploring the uses and application of Glyconutrients.

In February of 2003, MIT, which produces the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review, released an article entitled “10 Emerging Technologies that Will Change the World!” Glyconutrients was the first one listed.

“Around 7000 new medical articles a week are being published on Glyconutrients today…The ramifications of this Glycotechnology are immense…”

– Dr Norman Marvin

An ever-growing body of evidence including research papers, peer reviewed articles and double-blind placebo controlled human studies have been produced based on the science of cellular communication and cellullar function’s importance to overall wellness.

Glyconutrients can help our bodies to:

  • Improve overall health and wellness* (Haas, Elson .M, MD. Berkeley, 2000)
  • Strengthen our immune system* (Kalns J, Kirchner J, Ebong S, Oubre C, 2007)
  • Promote brain function, concentration and memory* (Best T, Howe P, Bryan J et al., 2011)
  • Elevate energy levels, moods and vitality* (Nelson EN, Ramberg JE, Sinnott RA., 2012)
  • Enhance athletic performance, naturally and legally* (Byars A, Keith S, Simpson W, et al., 2010)
  • Manage our weight effectively* (Sinnott R, Maddela RL, Nelson ED, et al. 2009)
  • Enjoy beautifully radiant skin* (Trookman, N S., M.D. Rizer,R. Ph.D. Ehrhardt, L. M.D.)
  • Further Accreditation

The Big PictureHarpers Biochemistry among other medical text books now contains literature on Glyconutrients and their benefits and 80 of the 120 Medical Schools in the US are now including Glyconutrients in their curricula.

In addition, ordinary people have been experiencing relief from health conditions, cognitive disorders and immune system deficiencies which doctors previously thought were impossible to obtain.

Science Magazine, the premier journal for researchers and scientists dedicated an entire issue to educating the science and medical community about Glyconutrients, Glycobiology and Glycoscience. March 23, 2001 Special Issue: Carbohydrates & Glycobiology


The 1999 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Dr. Gunter Blobel for his work in this new field of Science-Medicine called Glycobiology. Click here to read the announcement for the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine that is related to all the research on the product technology.

Can a naturally-based nutritional product really do all that? There’s only one way to find out. Test Glyconutrients out and decide whether there is indeed truth in Hippocrates’s assertion that proper food forms part of our medicine.

Further Reading

Murray et al. (1996) Harper’s Biochemistry : Glyconutrients

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Glyconutrients Disclaimer

*Glyconutrients or glyconutritionals (and all other nutraceuticals) are not disease specific or symptom specific. They are not a panacea… but your body is. They give the body what it needs to heal, correct and repair itself. The author makes no claim, express or implied that the glyconutrient products are anything other than dietary supplements; designed to improve nutrition and, thereby, optimize health. Everyone, regardless of his/her original state of health, can benefit from improved nutrition. Safe for consumption by children 4 years and older.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.