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Many South African University protests have turned violent recently, with some students and citizens choosing to vandalize campus property and fight with campus law enforcement, as a way to express their anger over fees. 

But some people are not joining the masses.

Rynaard De Goede is one of those incredible South Africans. The North West University student chose to inspire exactly the opposite reaction.  

At the time of writing, his social media video had already been shared over 69 300 times and viewed over 300 000 times on Facebook, with people leaving messages of thanks and admiration. 

The video starts off with De Goede putting up a sign outside one of the lecture halls at North West University, offering “Free Hugs.”

He then blindfolds himself and that’s when the magic happens!

“Love does not cause division. Love does not label. Love does not decimate. Love knows no boundaries. Love overcomes all. #JustLove” – Rynaard De Goede

The response has been amazing with people sharing and commenting on the post: 

 “Goosebumps bro. Well done. Proud is not even the right word. Keep making a difference!” – Kevin Owens. 

 “Just simple amazing!! ❤❤” – Ammies Lambrechts. 

 “Love conquers all!” – Arlen De Villiers. 

“That’s awesome bra. One love.” – Kobus Roux. 


A great reminder that there’s only One Human Family, and no matter what, it’s how we treat each other that matters!! 


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