Moms are busy individuals.

Aside from having to take care of everything in the household, some are working moms who have a lot of work-related burden to carry on their shoulders, even outside the office. This is when the planning of meals begins to take a toll. Deciding which food to eat is even harder when the family members are picky eaters.

Here are five easy tips on how to food plan.


1. Write 7 Meals during Breaks


 During lunch breaks, snack breaks and anytime you can stop thinking about work, you can relax your mind and jot down the first 7 meals you think of as fast as you can. With this strategy, required materials are only a pen and paper or mobile device that can keep notes. After work, drop by the nearest grocery store to get the ingredients needed for these meals. You can creatively prepare food for your family for the rest of the week.


2. Save a List


To make sure that you are getting the right set of food to give a proper balanced diet, saving a list is a good idea.

This is to track the daily consumption and also to learn whether or not you are missing out on certain nutrition-enriched food. Another recommendation is to include medicine and supplements in the list. If your husband for instance has problems with sugar level, then medicine for diabetes should be added so you won’t forget to buy it next time.

To download your own Free Food Plan (Blank): Click Here.


3. Research Recipes


Nowadays, you do not have to go to a bookstore and buy recipe books or consult a known chef to know how to prepare meals. Recipes can be easily accessible online. Go to your preferred blogs or websites which offer great recipes for busy moms. These should be easy to follow and easy to make. Mobile phone apps even have an automatic organizer and food planner.


4. Plan for Budget


Instead of getting any item that runs across your mind, sticking to a budget helps. You can set and plan for budgeted meals for the entire month and stock up on bulk items. The variety of food that you will be getting will be enough for you to have options every day.

For a Food Plan on a Budget Template: Click Here.


5. Go Meatless for a Week

Kids usually dislike the thought of eating vegetables. However, as a mom, their diets should be rightfully monitored as well. Teach them the value of eating healthy food and make them appreciate the taste of vegetables by consistently going meatless for a week in a month.


Final thoughts


No matter how busy the lifestyle is, it’s important to take the time to fulfill duties and responsibilities as a mom. Part of this involves food planning for the family. It can be stressful sometimes, but with a little preparation, the right tools and a change in habits, food planning can be viable and workable.






Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in London, England. She is a young mother of a 3 year old toddler and a working mom. 

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