Success Stories

Michael Clarke – Australian Cricket Captain

“After a workout, the body needs to recover the natural way.Taking the sting out of the recovery process is made possible with Mannatech’s Sport Product.”

Michael Clarke, NSW and Australia.


“Glyconutrients are my secret weapon!” 

Ultra Distance Athlete Jason P. Lester who completed the 2,500 mile (4000km) run of the Great Wall of China becoming the first person to complete the Great Wall as a solo runner. 

He ran more than a full marathon every day for 83 consecutive days to raise awareness for children suffering from malnutrition. Jason has also run across Australia and America. 
Jason was the winner of ESPN’s 2009 ESPY Award for “Best Male Athlete.” ‪#‎M5M‬                     


Jean Greeff, South African weightlifter, Men’s 94 kg event at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. 


“For me, Glyconutriuents and Mannatech’s products gave me back the ability to love my sport again. I started to perform at a new level because my recovery time improved. That meant I did not have to sleep between my two training sessions and could push harder than Ever.”

Website: Click Here. 


Lloyd Norris-Jones, South African Hockey Player and London 2012 Olympic Athlete: 


“Debs & I have been taking the Glyconutrients religiously & have seen a significant improvement in our energy levels. Because we both play sports, our evenings are usually filled up with activities which makes us fatigued in the mornings. So far we have seen a spike in our energy in the mornings & general energy levels during the day which is a massive boost for moral as well.”

Websites: Ten Apparel and Super 5’s Hockey.


Steve Atwell, International Triathlete, TSA Coach and Founder of Embark Triathlon Training:


“I could really feel a difference when I combined the product (Empact) with an increase in training and resting. I felt stronger and less tired to begin sessions, and mentally had more strength during the session. I also raced my best race that season!”




Adrian Kritzinger – Ironman Triathlete and MAD2Run Finisher: 

Adrian_Kritzinger_“Personally, Empact largely benefited me towards the middle and tail ends of my endurance sessions. Where I found greater sustained energy and also a reduction in lactic acid build up in my muscles – notably towards the 2nd half of exercise. It was a case of Empact helping me get stronger and be more consistent in performance as the session progressed, without the ups and downs.” 





Steph, Ironman Triathlete, 3.8km Swim, 180km Ride, 42km Run. 


“The products were great: used the endurance drink for all my races. For my 6 hour long mountain bike race, I didn’t feel fatigued or didn’t have any lows throughout the race. It kept me going.

I can really feel the benefit of my daily scope of Nutriverus powder. I wake up each morning not feeling as sluggish, but more revitalised.”







Scott Eastgate, Personal Trainer and Founder of Trifusion Fitness Training. 


“The product was a lot nicer than stuff I have had in the past. It definitely gave more energy through a workout. We started a 28 Day Training program and I managed to shed about 6 kilograms”.*




NB: Glyconutrients are not a “Miracle Cure”  – they simply give the body a required ingredient for health. The body does the rest. We do not state or suggest that Glyconutrient products are a substitute for a doctor’s standard of care.

Glyconutrients have helped many people to experience a new level of health, naturally and safely.

Here are some of their experiences.* 

Skin Challenges 

This is the story of a precious little girl named Lindsey raised by her grandmother in a small South Texas town. At the age of two she was stricken by terrible itching and a painful rash that covered her entire body. Her grandmother spent the next 10 years taking her from doctor to doctor. They prescribed various medications including steroids, but nothing seemed to help.

As Lindsey got older, her grandmother had to home school her, as she was unable to attend school with other children because of her terrible condition. Not only was she in constant pain, but even when most of her body was covered by clothes, other children would make fun of her because of the terrible ugly rash visible on her face and hands.

Over the years, the side effects and toxicity of all the prescription drugs continued to take a terrible toll on Lindsey’s young body. They damaged her thyroid and adrenal glands, and her stomach was filled with ulcers.

In 2001, Lindsey and her grandmother moved to another small Texas town. When grandmother went to the local pharmacy to fill Lindsey’s prescriptions the pharmacist called her aside. He told her that the high doses of medications seemed much to high for a little girl, and could cause severe side effects. At that moment, she realized that she needed to begin to pray and search for some natural alternatives.

She was able to hire a teacher for homebound children to help Lindsey with her school work. Her new teacher ‘just happened’ to be the sister of Ida Flowers, an independent associate of our glyconutritional company from Big Spring,Texas, best friend to Joyce Nichols. The teacher called Ida, explained Lindsey’s condition, and asked if glyconutritients might help.

Ida drove down to meet Lindsey and her grandmother. When she saw Lindsey, it broke her heart. She could hardly bear the thought that this poor little girl had suffered with this nightmare for over 10 years! Lindsey’s grandmother didn’t have much money, but Ida was determined to find a way to get this child enough products to change her life.


Ida called her son in East Texas and explained the situation. He agreed to sponsor Lindsey into the Manna-Relief program. Ida sent all of Lindsey’s medical records to Dr. Reg McDaniel, who designed a complete protocol of Glyconutritional products. Manna-Relief began sending them every month. That was eight months ago. The first pictures of Lindsey (below) will likely shock you and make you cry.

After 8 months:

The last picture, taken after 8 months on glyconutrients, will make you shed a tear of joy for this beautifully restored child. (The girl on the left is Lindsey’s cousin. Lindsey is on the right, now 13 years old.) She is now in public school and her goal is not to miss a day of school all year.

I am sending you some pictures of Lindsey which were taken this month. She was going out for a special dinner with my granddaughter from Denver. As you can see, her facial complexion is beautiful. The same is true with her back, upper arms, etc. I am delighted and so is she. Her skin is continuing to heal from the inside out. Her elbows and knees look normal. The only places that she has thickening of the skin is on her hands and ankles. I cannot tell you how much better she feels about herself. I am continuing the glyconutritionals and pray that she can get through the seasonal change this Fall. That seems to be her worst time, i.e., seasonal changes. Lindsey has had the best summer ever. She is really tanned. Our girl has never felt better. Her goal this year is to not miss a day of school.


Dr Michael D. Schlachter, writes:

“After seeing the benefits and noting the scientific validation of these nutrients, I no longer consider the addition of proper nutrients to the diet as a luxury.  It is a fundamental and integral part of helping my patients achieve and maintain the health that they want and deserve. The biggest revolutionary change in the war against disease is represented by glyconutrients. If you do not want to become a patient (and therefore a statistic) you need to answer in your own mind and heart if what you are doing for your health is optimal, and if not what else can you do.”

Dr Michael D. Schlachter, is on the Board Certified Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease, Clinical Instructor at the University of Nevada Medical School.

Blood Sugar 

Bill, a former Surgical Technician in the Service, developed Type 2 of a well known condition involving challenges with pancreatic function, after returning from overseas in the 80’s. When originally diagnosed, his blood sugars were in the 900’s and remained uncontrollably high (above 500) for many years, despite multiple injections of regular Insulin up to 200 units daily.

In the early 90’s, over a 3-4 months time period, he had a series of strokes and 3 TIA’s. He was diagnosed with a sleep-related condition complicated by shortness of breath at rest, necessitating 6 assorted inhalers, including nasal and tracheo-bronchial steroids. He experienced heart failure with edema of the lower limbs.

Bill had “given up ALL HOPE, and was making preparations for his funeral”, when he was introduced to Glyconutritionals. After some Internet research he decided as a last resort to try some – “not expecting “ANYTHING” to happen . After all, nothing else had helped”.

3 months later, his vision was improving, the ulcers of feet and legs were healed, the pain, swelling, weakness (including the left side stroke weakness), shortness of breath, and chest pains no longer were a problem. He was off all 6 inhalers, including steroids, and his hand pain was all but gone. He is able to walk without depending on the scooter or a cane. The Migraines resolved and he has not needed any more antibiotics.  The blood sugars are running 105-125, and the Glycohemoglobin (A1c) is now an incredibly low 5.1 (a measure of the biological level of glucose saturation of the Red Blood Cells. Very, very good!).  To quote him,

“I NOW HAVE HOPE, WHERE THERE WAS NONE! I am amazed at the changes that are occurring-some fast, some slow, some not yet, but things are improving. “

– From Dr Rayburne W Goen

“It was terminal, inoperative and Doctors had said traditional treatments wouldn’t work. I had lost all hope. Then I discovered Glyconutrients in January 2004. In July 2004, my Scan was completely clear. Now Doctors are saying I have a clean bill of health.”


– Chris Fowler




Karin writes:

Many people and things helped me after my operation and chemo. Among them, Glyconutrients or what I like to call Gold-dust. I had a teaspoon a day until the pot was finished. As I drank it, I visualised it helping me. Almost 6 months later,  I completed a 10km walk and have put back on the 17 kgs that I had lost. I am grateful to everyone and everything that has helped me “back to life” – Gold-dust included.”


– Karin, South Africa. 


 Dr. Willen on Glyconutrients

I first heard of this new field of science and nutrition in February or March of 2003. As open minded as I like to think I am, I was not very open to the information at the time. I thought I had the field of nutrition and supplementation down.  It took a colleague of mine over 9 months to convince me to use glyconutrient supplementation in my practice and I only tried it because I had a case that was chronic and extremely difficult, a 7-year old girl with horrible rashes over her entire body, and I was getting nowhere using all my tried and true protocols. Not to mention the fact that this little girl was my daughter’s best friend! Well, the glyconutrients proved to be the missing link in that case… Her rapid recovery really got my attention!  I began doing the research and the reading on this subject and was incredibly impressed with the science backing these products. Four out of the last eight Nobel Prize winners won their prizes because of their research in this area called glycobiology, and thousands of new research papers are published each year in the field. Needless to say, I have continued to use this type of nutrition in my practice since.The reason I am telling you this is because many healthcare practioners, conventional allopathic doctors as well as alternative ones, can become stagnant in their practices, convinced that they know all there is to know. Sometimes it’s not ignorance we deal with when it comes to our practitioners, but an “assumption of knowledge”…kind of like, “the world is flat and everyone knows that…” mentality. This kind of pride-full arrogance can be annoying in a healthcare professional, but more importantly, it can be tragic. Knowing what I know now about this incredible nutritional technology, my only regret is that I didn’t open my mind to them 9 months sooner. You see, during that time three of my patients passed away, from complications surrounding serious immune system challenges, that I believe could have been helped with the super immune building properties of these nutrients.


Pregnancy, Breast-feeding

Melanie writes:

I first heard about glyconutrients when I was about four months pregnant. I had lost weight early in the pregnancy and my energy levels were very low. I had been spending a lot of my time sleeping and feeling exhausted the rest of the time. I wanted to improve how I had been feeling but was unsure about taking the glyconutrients. I wanted to make sure they were completely safe for me and the baby. I was one of those pregnant women who wouldn’t take or eat anything unless I’d researched it and found it to be completely safe. So I did the research and found that it was safe to take. I started taking the glyconutrients and soon after I noticed that my energy levels were much better. During the rest of my pregnancy I didn’t suffer from cravings, mood swings, or excessive tiredness and I even started working again. I believe they also helped my energy levels during childbirth as I had a 20 hour labour with no pain medication. I am feeling fantastic after the birth also. I believe taking the glyconutrients also helped my baby as she was born on time, with no complications and is still wonderfully healthy and alert.

“The Surgeon had confirmed with the Pathology report that my Lymph Nodes needed to be operated on. Then a friend suggested I try Glyconutrients. The Subsequent Pathology report came back all clear.”





– Jim Slack

Glyconutrients are one of the most important healthcare discoveries of the 21st Century.”

Dr John Rollins

Former Howard University College of Medicine Professor

“Glyconutrients are going to be the molecules of the future and are going to be at the cutting edge of a large number of discoveries and therapies over the next decade.”

Dr John Axford, Royal Society of Medicine, Clinical Immunology and Allergy. 

Breathing Challenges 

SCIENCE BEHIND glyconutrients (saccharides) Dr Pippenger, PhD, the Peter C. and Pat Cook research professor in the department of biomedica/health sciences at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Mich., has heard some anecdotal accounts from pediatric pulmonologists who have seven patients that were helped tremendously by glyconutrients (saccharides).  Their reports spurred him to conduct one of the country’s few double-blind, phyto-controlled studies of nutritional supplements in children with breathing challenges.


In a study, Dr. Pippenger followed 100 patients with a condition hampering regular breathing and their use of glconutrients, starting in January 2001.  Ninety-two patients from the original group completed the study by June 2002.  Most patients who didn’t complete the study left it due to compliance problems. 


“We began the study because we believe the science surrounding glycobiology and receptors and interrelationships between sugars, cell function and the immune system are justified,” Dr. Pippenger said.  “If we can demonstrate that there’s an effectiveness to nutritional supplements, then we can have a strong foundation for administering these to  people who have breathing challenges.”


Dr Sharon Riesen, assistant professor of pediatrics at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, Calif., also has been studying glyconutrients and their effects on children with breathing difficulties.  Preliminary results of her open-label, controlled crossover study were 60 percent to 70 percent of its participants who used glyconutrients reported improvement of their breathing difficulty symptoms.  Glyconutrients appeared safe, and no child involved in the study needed to stop due to side effects, “which is incredibly rare, even with the placebo,” she said.


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