Join the 1 Million People Worldwide Enjoying the Health Benefits of this Advanced Superfood!!


Thousands of people worldwide are experiencing the lasting health benefits of a 100% Natural, Scientifically Proven Health Technology.*

And whether you’re someone who values an active lifestyle, a seasoned raw foodie, an aspiring health nut or simply someone curious about the health benefits of wholesome, natural food and a balanced diet, what we’re about to show you will change the way you see the health potential of the human body. 

A new category of nutrition has been discovered that is improving people’s health and changing many people’s lives.* 

“Glyconutrients have amazing abilities to maintain and balance your immune system, helping you to achieve optimum health and prevent even the most insidious of today’s killer diseases.”

– Dr Douglas Willen 

 NB: Glyconutrients are not a “Miracle Cure” or Panacea for every illness or health condition, they simply give the body a required ingredient for health. Healing is the body’s job.* 

“Glyconutrients have proven to be a missing link in restoring health…”

– Dr Dan Fouts


  • Strengthen the Immune System*
  • Promote Brain Function*
  • Elevate and Maintain Energy Levels*
  • Manage Weight Effectively and Safely*
  • Support Healthy Digestion*
  • Enhance Athletic Performance, Naturally and Legally*
  • Promote Beautiful and Radiant Skin*


Natural Products Backed By Leading Scientific Research

ScienceScience has discovered a way to naturally give your body what it needs to improve health, increase focus, stabilize energy levels, shed fat and naturally tone and shape your body to leave you feeling great.*

The Science of Glycobiology

Healthcare professionals from all over the world have discovered the health benefits of Glyconutrients in supporting the body’s normal recovery, repair and health functions.*


Oxford University Glycobiology Institute                                                  Photo: Oxford University Glycobiology Institute.

Countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States are now researching Glyconutrients and their clinical application. In 1996, scientists began to discover that there was another piece to the puzzle. Called Glyconutrients, they are a 100% Natural, Safe and Scientifically Proven to Give Our Body’s What they Need to be Healthy.

Unfortunately only two are readily available in our modern diets.

Where Does That Leave Us?

We can get Glyconutrients from organic fruits and vegetables, however due to pollution, poor farming practices and low standards of quality control, we can’t always ensure we are receiving the amounts we require. The second option is to supplement our food intake with 100% Natural, Organic Glyconutient Supplements.

Glyconutrients Are:

  1. Natural (occurring in small amounts in the body).
  2. Backed by 17 Double-Blind Scientific Studies
  3. Non-Toxic.
  4. Non-Reactive to Drugs or Medication.
  5. Safe to consume in large amounts by adults and children*.
  6. Quality Assured to the Highest Standards.
  7. Come with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.





What Others Had to Say:*

“A lot of people don’t have the time or money to buy local or organic foods with our hectic lifestyles – we have to find a way to give our body what it needs to replace what is missing in our diets. Nutriverus does that.”

– Markus Willard, Wellness Coach.




What an easy way to boost what I usually eat and get my required nutrition. I love this Nutriverus.”

– Gerald Hoffmann

“I’ve been taking this vitamin/supplement for 8 months and it has greatly improved my overall health. I haven’t been to the Doctor for any ailments since I started. I’ve also lowered my depression medicine significantly.
I can honestly say taking this vitamin has changed my life.”
– Shelly on May 23, 2013


5 Stars“Love this product!”

– Molly Barnes 


Image result for deborah Landry“Added to morning drink before workout. Love this product without additives or anything artificial. Provides energy and stamina before working out.”
– Deborah Landry on April 3, 2014

Image result for Todd Horner“I haven’t been sick in over a year now”
– Todd Horner

#1 product in my pantry!

 5 Stars
Our family has been taking this product for 5 months now. Within three days, we noticed immediate, positive results and therefore are continuing this product. After only three days on this product, my husband and I both noticed an alertness and sharpness in our mind/brain. We are better able to concentrate and focus the tasks (and conversations) at hand. Our blood sugar seemed to correct itself to a normal balance. With the blood sugar corrected, our snack cravings and sugar crashes have ceased and we go longer throughout the day without being hungry. My husband’s stiff joints are not troubling him anymore. I am sleeping better at night. The taste of the product is pleasant and easy to mix.”
– Lisa A.

“Great Product – I love the way it mixes in with my smoothies and it mixes well with my cereal I have more energy.”

– Ms. S.C.R


“All of my nutrients rolled up into one product of nature.
Use with confidence. The number of servings is worth the cost.”
– J. Simonian 



Image result for Richard Cespuglio“This is an amazing product and the health benefits Are off the charts. I was run down and burnt out with negative mental clarity and NutriVerus nourished my body I could feel my energy levels and muscle mass increasing every day and my mental clarity is as sharp as a tack, I can go for hours at peak performance.”
– Richard Cespuglio


Let’s be honest,  getting organic nutrition  in today’s polluted, fast-food driven world is not easy, what’s more our health and our children’s health is suffering as a result. Now there’s a way to get the organic nutrients we need from Nature in a simple, easy and effortless way. 

Join the 1 Million People Worldwide Enjoying the Health Benefits of this Advanced Superfood!!

Used by over a million people worldwide, Mannatech’s patented glyconutrient products are sold in 26 countries around the world, making them not just another line of supplements, but some of the most advanced food-based supplements available. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love these products that we offer a three month 100% Money Back guarantee.






Order Your Glyconutrient Product Today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No risk whatsoever. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your Glyconutrient product, simply return it for a full refund.

“Glyconutrients are one of the most important healthcare discoveries of the 21st Century.”

– Dr John Rollins, Former Howard University College of Medicine Professor.

Glyconutrients are going to be the molecules of the future and are going to be at the cutting edge of a large number of discoveries and therapies over the next decade.”

– Dr John Axford, Royal Society of Medicine, Clinical Immunology and Allergy.

Food Not Drugs  

The Glyconutrient Supplements are food not drugs, science has shown that our bodies run best on natural food not artificial chemicals.

Dr Alex Omelchuck.


Michael Clarke – Australian Cricket Captain

“After a workout, the body needs to recover the natural way.Taking the sting out of the recovery process is made possible with the Glyconutrient Sport Product.”

Michael Clarke, NSW and Australia.


“Glyconutrients are my secret weapon!” 

Ultra Distance Athlete Jason P. Lester who completed the 2,500 mile (4000km) run of the Great Wall of China becoming the first person to complete the Great Wall as a solo runner. 

He ran more than a full marathon every day for 83 consecutive days to raise awareness for children suffering from malnutrition. Jason has also run across Australia and America. 
Jason was the winner of ESPN’s 2009 ESPY Award for “Best Male Athlete.” ‪#‎M5M‬                     


 NB: Glyconutrients are not a “Miracle Cure”  – they simply give the body a required ingredient for health. The body does the rest. We do not state or suggest that Glyconutrient products are a substitute for a doctor’s standard of care.* 

Order Your Glyconutrient Product Today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No risk whatsoever. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your Glyconutrient product, simply return it for a full refund.

Testimonials Disclaimer

* In accordance with the most recent FTC guidelines, we would like to make it openly clear that the customer testimonials we display are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a small percentage of people. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our products. The generally expected performance of the products we feature in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures. Your results may and probably will vary, based on your own individual perspective, commitment, experience, expertise, and level of desire to live a healthy active lifestyle. Recommended for Children 4 yrs and up due to potential choking hazard of tablets. We can offer no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. All Information on this site is for educational purposes only, please consult your healthcare professional with regards to any decisions concerning your health and well-being.

Glyconutrients Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Full Refund Terms and Conditions apply. Benefits vary by product. Allow 4 to 6 months for optimal benefits.To be used in conjunction with your healthcare professional’s counsel, healthy habits and an active lifestyle.